Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hello World

The first page I ever customized was my user page on Neopets, a virtual pet game, that was popular when I was in elementary school. It was straight copy-paste, though I had a general idea that div elements somehow separated my content from one another and it was not a good idea to edit anything between style tags unless I had a good idea of what I was doing. I learned some CSS after a while (check out that opacity yo), but eventually I grew out of Neopets and moved on to other things like drawing and surviving middle school.

Fast forward to college, when I enrolled in my first computer science class freshman fall and learned the languages I use now for web development (HTML/CSS, PHP, and JavaScript). My second computer science class was about user experience design and though the class was poorly organized and my teaching fellow stopped giving my team feedback on our assignments halfway through the course, I still loved what I learned.

It inspired me to finally take action on the website ideas that had been crowding my thoughts for the better part of a year. 2013 was the year that I made Join Harvard with Sharon Zhou, George Lok, and Annie Wei. It was also the year that I installed Linux Mint on my Windows machine to make development easier. I've since started to document all the issues I've run into, especially since nothing ever seems to work out of the box for me on my linux machine. At some point, I'll make my problem/solution log public, in case people run into the same issues as I did. 

I've also set up a personal website to track my learning and progress towards all the initiatives, projects, and websites I've started.
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