Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I do for fun

This is specific to Los Angeles.

I'm so used to watching good comedy that's it's weird to see somebody bomb on stage. I don't normally go to a lot of stand-up comedy shows in Kansas or Boston, but I've gone to a lot in Los Angeles. It started as an accident actually. The building next to my crossfit gym happened to be the Downtown Independent, a movie theater that hosts weekly free stand-up comedy shows. I kept hearing the name, so when I saw an event that piqued my interest, I finally visited the venue. The comedy show they host is called Holy Fuck Comedy. 

Here are three stand-up comedy venues that you simply must visit if you're into comedy:

1. Largo at the Coronet

Bo Burnham performed here last month! I didn't go to any shows, but clearly good people perform here.

2. Laugh Factory

Sarah Silverman will be doing a show here this month with a few other comedians. Too bad I'll already be out of town when she performs.

3. Holy Fuck Free Comedy 

Tuesdays at 9pm at the Downtown Independent. It's a weekly comedy show. And did I mention that's it's totally fucking free? 

4. Meltdown Comics

The Meltdown is hosted at Meltdown Comics on Sunset. I actually just got back from it tonight. David Spade dropped by, which was awesome. He was really scruffy and self-depreciating, his humbleness making his set extra fun to listen to. 

Here are three improv venues you simply must visit, period:

1. IO West

I took classes here! The bummer is that their mainstage is 21+ because it has an open bar, but sometimes the bouncer will let you in through the back if you say you're a student and just there for the show. Or if the bouncer is not checking ID's really closely. Aside from the Mainstage, there's the Del Close theater and the Loft, but the Mainstage has generally funnier acts. 

2. Groundlings

The all improv shows are at 8pm on Wed and Thurs nights. Wednesday is more long form improv. It starts off with three suggestions, each of them spawning three scenes. After the initial three scenes, new scenes are created through tag-outs. Thursday is all short form improv. Games and lots of audience suggestions create the scenes in this show. Personally, I love short form improv, so I really enjoy the Thursday show. 

3. UCB

I’ve gone to the OKCupid show, ASSSSCAT, some improv experiment form with famous plays, and DC Pierson’s stand-up night.


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