Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Hi. It's currently a very strange time right now. I left New York a few weeks ago, between the time that most companies began instituting work from home and before Governor Cuomo's stay home order.

I didn't seriously consider leaving New York until my dad called me, panicked about NYC hospitals running out of beds, and declared that he was driving to my apartment that night to pick me up and take me home to Maryland. 

The first 14 days I was home, I self-isolated in the master bedroom to be sure I wasn't asymptomatic while my parents brought food to the door. I have a desk in the room where I'm staying where I can work. During weekdays, I have a divider set up so that I've got a more professional background when I'm video conferencing with coworkers.

I feel like my interactions these days are much more personal, with people sharing much more of what's going on in their lives. I'm grateful that I'm no longer in New York and that I'm able to be with my mom, dad, and much younger twin brothers at this time. I'm also grateful to the people who have asked about how I've been.

This is a very strange time, but I'm well, and I hope all is well with you too. 


© Yuqi Hou
Maira Gall