Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Goth clubs really aren't that intimidating

Goth clubs aren't as intimidating as I thought they'd be. One of my loft mates is a former-goth and took me to Das Bunker on Friday night. We drove there straight from a comedy show, so we had to change in the parking lot. My former-goth friend changed from jeans into a black patent leather skirt with chains and spikes on it. He also put a spiked collar around his neck. This same friend works as a personal tutor during the day and occasionally wears screen printed pink shirts. 

Inside is like any club: three dance floors with small bars in each of them. There are two platforms with poles jutting out of them and seating around them on the left and right sides of the room. One of my girlfriends immediately climbs on top of one of the poles and starts pole dancing. She's taken eight pole dancing classes and is eager to show off her skills. Her dancing is much different than the dancing of the handful of people below her. 

The club has just opened, and a few people populate the dance floor. One guy is spinning and jumping around in a style I imagine a fairy in the woods would. I see other people using their arms very creatively. Goths really seem to dance for themselves. Most people dance by themselves in styles that would be incompatible with anyone else, but there's a beat to the music and a definite pulse you can follow. 

In any case, you can dance safely in the knowledge that your dancing can't possibly be any weirder or more convulsive than the lanky guy covered in spikes next to you.

Or the girl with a cat tail sticking out of her leather tutu. 

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